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Sweet Repeats gladly accepts children's and maternity clothing. January-June is our Spring/Summer season and July-December is our Fall/Winter season.  Consignments can be dropped off anytime without an appointment. Items may also be mailed to us via ground shipping. We will reimburse the shipping. The clothing needs to be folded neatly in a bag/box/container.

Clothes in trash bags are not accepted. All items need to be FRESHLY laundered and folded neatly in the bag or box, and must be recent style. Clothes MUST be in excellent condition! All consignors (new or old) will fill out a contract. The clothes stay on the floor for 90 days. After the term, the consignor can choose to pick up their unsold items.

All items not picked up after the 90 day term will become property of Sweet Repeats and can be donated. If a consignor chooses to pick up unsold items, those dates will be given to them as soon as the clothes are processed in the system.

The consignor receives 40% of the selling price. Sweet Repeats prints checks every other month(Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov) when the consignor has a balance of $16 or more. Once a check is printed, the consignor has 6 months to pick up the check at Sweet Repeats.

Sweet Repeats prices all items based on the brand and condition. Most items are priced around 50% of retail. Sweet Repeats reserves the right to reduce items for sales, promotions, coupons, etc.